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Adam And Mish Mish

Adam And Mish Mish

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The "Lets Go Series" by Adam & Mishmish is a collection of 7 books that present basic concepts to children through books and songs. The topics are: numbers, shapes, colors, animals, animal sounds, musical instruments, and body parts.

The series is based on Season One of the popular educational cartoon entitled Adam wa Mishmish.

Through a simple scan of the QR codes at the back of the books and set, the "Lets Go Series" brings into life the animation and liveliness of the Adam & Mishmish songs that help connect children to the written word and encourages reading.

Concept books play an important part in introducing children to reading. A successful concept book presents information about the world around our children in a way that encourages curiosity and builds the bridge between the real and imaginary world.


Collection of 3 books in 1

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Encourge your child to prayer early on to make salaah a natural good habit.

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