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Imagine there were no books at scary would our world be!?

Books are the doors to a pathway of discovery, imagination, joy, thrill, and so much more! What's even more special about a book is having the opportunity to meet the person behind the story!

You can encourage the love of reading books to your students by inviting a local author. Author visits will surely motivate, encourage and inspire children to become writers themselves!

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Workshops For Kids

Ayesha N. Rahmaan finds joy in sharing gems of writing. Her writing workshop for kids encourages creativity, enhances literacy skills, and fosters a love for storytelling in a fun, interactive environment.

Storytelling and Writing Workshop

  • Activities: Creative writing, storytelling circles.
  • Skills: Imagination, literacy.
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Inspirational Talks

Inspiration talks aim to motivate and empower kids (and adults) by sharing stories, experiences, and lessons in valuable and meaningful ways!

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I offer inspirational talks or panel discussions  for children and adults. Rates varies, contact to make an appointment today!

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