How to book a school visit with author Ayesha Rahmaan?

If you wish to have Ayesha visit your school or center, you must fill out the request a school visit form. We require at least 2 weeks notice in advance.

What books will be read?

The two current books that we offer story readings for is: Call Me By My Name and Sajjadati and The Power of Dua (select if you want an Arabic story reading or English story reading).

Do you travel to different countries?

Yes, we currently book school visits for the USA and Canada

Are Alif2Yaa products available for wholesale or school purchases?

Yes! You may fill out the contact us form to place your order. The following products are available for wholesale and schools orders:


1.My Quran Alphabet board book

2. My Quran Alphabet workbook

3. Call Me By My Name

4. Sajjadati and the Power of Dua ( English version)

5. Sajjadati and the Power of Dua (Arabic version)


1. Huroofi Board

Prayer Mats:

1. Kaaba Mat

2. Pink Mat

Shipping Rate: 

We ship flat rate for only 10.00. That means you can add as many items to your cart and will not be charged any extra

Duties- Import Fee's:

We ship our products worldwide. If you reside in USA, you will not incur any international fee's to mail our products to you. Other countries outside of North America, please check with your countries international shipping policies.