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Work! Work! Doesnt End Nor Finish!

Work! Work! Doesnt End Nor Finish!

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Do you ever feel like chores in the house will never get done?  A delightful story between mother and daughter and all the things that must get done in the house before Laila can go anywhere. For any typical child, housework is a pain! But how does Laila get the work done ? Will Laila ever get to go outside? Read on to find out….

من المفروض ان يكون صباح يوم السبت وقت ممتع و مفرح ولكن هل تتمكن قتاة هذه القصة من انجاز قائمة اعمالها 

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Encourge your child to prayer early on to make salaah a natural good habit.

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